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Transitioning your pet to air-dried food might sound simple, but just like any dietary change, it’s a good idea to go slow, gradually introducing ever-increasing amounts each day for a week.

Why? Good question.

New tastes can sometimes take a bit of getting used to. Especially if your pet has been getting the same taste every day for a long time.  Because air-dried food is more like jerky, it has a much more vibrant taste than kibble, which may contain artificial flavours or a lot of salt. So give your pet a chance to adjust.

And because it is highly concentrated, you feed less to your pet. So gradually switching it out will allow it to adjust for the smaller amount of food in their bowl.

Digesting air-dried food will also be a lot different than kibble, which may have a lot of filler and other ingredients. This high meat diet is full of antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids which can help improve organ function and flush out harmful toxins. A sudden detox may cause your pet some discomfort. A gradual switch may help slow things down.

SPECIAL NOTE: All the water has been naturally removed from Zeal, so it’s a good idea to have lots of water handy for your pet. Older dog missing teeth? Some owners like to add a little water to the dish to soften things up a bit.

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We provide an individual feeding guide for each of our products. To find the formula that best suit’s your pet’s needs, please visit our dogs or cats product pages. Use the chart to determine your pet’s weight and portion size. For puppies or kittens and pregnant/nursing females, you should almost double the amount and feed two to three times a day.



Use the chart to determine your transition schedule. Already feeding raw? It’s still a good idea to take it easy.  Maybe switch for 5 days rather than 7 or 8. For animals with highly sensitive systems or allergies, lengthen the transition time. If you notice loose stools or an upset stomach, ease off the transition.